Fire Services Training Program (FSTP) Review Group

by | May 6, 2024 | General News

DEADLINE: MAY 24, 2024

As part of Municipal Affairs (MA) continuous improvement process, soliciting process feedback from the
departments, and the personnel completing the FSTP grant process is critical to program success. MA
is exploring opportunities to improve the FSTP process, including process efficiency, and red tape
reduction. To ensure the success of the FSTP review, it is critical that impacted stakeholders both internally
and externally are included in the review process. By including our key department and fire service
stakeholders in the process, MA can ensure that the FSTP process meets the needs and expectations
of a range of process participants.

Grant process items to review:
1. Dates (Announcement, application submissions, evaluation);
2. Notification of grant acceptance;
3. Training timelines (Municipal calendar year vs GoA Fiscal year) ;
4. Regional training/Collaboration;
5. Application eligibility wording (clarity, suggestions for edits, courses) ; and
6. Communications.
The review will only focus on the evaluation of the 2024 results and the grant process as it pertains to
Municipal Affair’s Guidelines. Increased funding is out of scope of this FSTP review.

Committee Make Up
The Committee will be made up of MA representatives and 4-5 members of the Alberta fire service,
representing different levels of fire services. The Assistant Fire Commissioner will chair the committee.
The committee will be selected from applicants of the Alberta fire service wishing to provide input and
feedback to maximize the value of the FSTP grant and assist in the reduction of red tape. The review
group in tended to last approximately 4-5 weeks with 3 meetings via teams.

Any fire service member interested in being a member of the FSTP review group and providing MA with
FSTP feedback is asked to submit and email of interest to Assistant Fire Commissioner, Phil Rowe.
The email must include your name, title, municipality name and population and your role in the local
FSTP program. If your role in the fire service is not that of Fire Chief, I would ask that you cc the Fire
Chief on the email or have it sent from the local Fire Chief’s office.


Protected A

Emails of interest can be sent to [email protected] (Subject Heading: FSTP Review Group). We
look forward to receiving your expressions of interest. Deadline for submissions is Friday, May 24,

To view the full sharable request please visit the following link:  LTR-240506_2024 FSTP Review Group (AFCA)


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