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The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) is taking a proactive step to gather evidence and data to capture roadside safety issues.  We believe that real-life accounts and data on near-miss situations, where crews, individuals, and personnel were endangered by passing motorists or other hazards while responding to road or highway emergencies, roadside assistance, public works, or construction sites.

To facilitate this, we have set up an easy report system designed to capture your experiences with minimal hassle. By using a one-click website link, you can directly access a form to report any incidents of road safety such as near misses, individuals not slowing down, or flying debris that posed a danger.

Your participation in this initiative is of the utmost importance. The data collected will serve as a strong foundation for advocacy efforts, and policy decisions.

We understand the challenges you face daily, and stand committed to supporting you in every possible way. Your voice is powerful, and together, we can push for the changes needed to protect everyone on the road.

Thank you for your dedication to public safety and for your cooperation in this critical matter.

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Data Collection for Roadside Safety

Why Your Reports Matter

At the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association, we are committed to enhancing roadside safety through comprehensive data collection. Your firsthand experiences and reports are invaluable as they contribute significantly to our advocacy and policy-making efforts. Each submission helps us to better understand the risks and challenges faced on the roads, enabling us to argue more effectively for necessary changes and safety measures. By participating in this initiative, you are playing a crucial role in safeguarding the lives of emergency responders and the public at large.

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