Alberta Fire Chiefs AssociationStrategic Plan


The Board of Directors and the Executive Director with the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) participated in a Strategic Plan Assessment and Renewal Session on September 20, 2022, to assess the organization’s work over the past 1½ years and to develop the next version of their strategic plan for the years of 2022-2025. 

Presidents Message

To The Members of Alberta Fire Chiefs Association,


On behalf of the Board of Directors for the AFCA, it is my pleasure to present the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association 2022 – 2025 Strategic Plan. This robust plan builds and expands on the AFCA 2020 plan. I think you will find the plan sensible, achievable, and most importantly sustainable for our association.  It can no longer by argued that the delivery of fire service has changed in Alberta. We have undergone a significant shift that started before the pandemic swept across the province.


There were additional difficulties introduced by the pandemic, However, the historical pressures of an increased volume of emergency calls, coupled with reported staffing shortages, and recruitment and retention difficulties of our volunteers, paid-on-call or otherwise has the entire leadership of the industry raising the alarm. You have told us as well of a lack of leadership development, with increased accountability and responsibility in all organizations is contributing to unprecedented levels of mental stress and fatigue on the part of Chief Officers and firefighters alike. You need the support of a strong and resourceful organization like the AFCA. You need the AFCA to be stronger than it ever has been!


This plan was developed through a facilitated Board of Directors Strategic Planning session. We further hosted membership engagement sessions for your insights on what AFCA needs to address. In building this Strategic Plan, we learned about key directions and challenges we believe many of your departments are facing. We identify our strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. We have also identified key priorities to address in areas of organizational capacity, member services, communications, and Government and stakeholder relations.


Where will we be by 2025? These key priorities will further roll out in a Tactical Plan to identify actions, deadlines and resources needed. An Annual Report will be based on our achievements outlined in these key documents. If we’re not getting it right, tell us. Together, we will create a better future. I encourage you to continue to reach out to your Regional Director, Director at Large, Trade Director, or as always any of our Executive. Our contact information can be found at


Let’s continue to foster and build the best network in the country!


Chief, Randy Schroeder
President, Alberta Fire Chiefs Association

About the AFCA

The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association is  committed to excellence in the provision of member-client service.
As a progressive organization we offer creative solutions, promote and support life safety, preventative and protective services based on the values and principles of our members.


The AFCA is the recognized advocate and resource for the leadership of the Alberta fire service.


To promote and support those providing fire protection, first response, and other related emergency services for the advancement of public and firefighter/first responder safety in Alberta.



  • AFCA has a long-term financial plan
  • AFCA has an administrative structure that serves the long-term needs of the Association
  • A Board that is representative of the membership and the direction of the AFCA
  • Committees have an understanding and authority with clear linkage to the Board
  • There is a consistent approach to the management and structure of the AFCA Regions
  • AFCA has defined policies and processes for the governance and management of the AFCA


  • AFCA meets the diverse needs of the Alberta Fire Service.
  • Members feel engaged with a close relationship with the Association.
  • AFCA is a resource centre for leaders in the Alberta Fire Service.
  • The AFCA adds value to the membership through impactful and innovative programs and services.


    • AFCA has a Government and Stakeholder Relations Plan that sets the Association forward as
      the voice for Fire in the province of Alberta.
    • AFCA has a collaborative relationship with the Rural Municipalities Association and Alberta
      Municipalities Association.
    • AFCA takes a prioritized approach with government utilizing key messages.
    • AFCA has strategic relationships with other Associations and stakeholders.
    • AFCA has a strong relationship with the various Government Ministries, including the OFC.


    • AFCA is proactive in its approach to communications.
    • Programs within the AFCA are communicated and marketed.
    • Key stakeholders know and understand the purpose of the AFCA.
    • AFCA is included in government discussions impacting the Fire Service.
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