New: Electronic Voting for Expired 2024 Executive and Urban Director At Large Positions

by | Mar 19, 2024 | Announcements, General News

Dear Members,

The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association Board is pleased to announce the adoption of a new Electronic Voting Policy, passed at the February 21st, 2024 Board meeting. This policy is designed to streamline our decision-making processes, enhancing efficiency, inclusivity, and security in how we conduct our Board and Annual General Meeting business. 

The policy outlines the purpose, scope, and procedure for electronic voting, ensuring alignment with our Bylaws and the Societies Act of Alberta. It emphasizes the benefits of electronic voting, such as improved accessibility for remote members, efficiency in decision-making, transparency of the voting process, and the security of vote integrity.

Key Highlights of the Electronic Voting Policy:

  • Board Business Items: Notice for electronic votes will be circulated with a minimum of five days, allowing Directors and Alternate Directors ample time for review and provide comments.
  • AGM Business Items: A minimum of 30 days notice is required for AGM business items, with a 30-day window for members to cast their votes electronically.
  • Executive Position Elections: Elections for Executive positions will occur in stages, respecting the AFCA Bylaws which allow candidates to run for successive positions if not elected to their initial choice.
  • Scruitineers will be appointed to oversee the electronic vote of AGM business items and annual elections. 

For the 2024 election of expiring Executive and Director at Large positions, the AFCA Board has approved using electronic voting which will occur in the days leading up to the May 2024 Annual General Meeting. With the conclusion of the elections, and leadership established, we believe there will be an advantage of additional time available during the Annual General Meeting to focus on discussion of AFCA initiatives and strategic planning for the forthcoming year. 


Schedule for 2024 Executive and Urban Director at Large Elections:

  1. President Election: The call for nominations will occur on April 10th, commencement of voting will occur on April 15th with the electronic voting window closing on April 25th. An announcement of the result will also occur on April 25th.  
  2. First Vice President: Following the President election, the call for nominations for First Vice President will commence on April 25th. Voting window for the First Vice President will begin on May 1st, closing on May 10th,  with announcement of results. 
  3. Second Vice President: The call for nominations for the position of Second Vice President will occur on May 10th. Voting will commence on May 15th, and close on May 25th with announcement of results. 
  4. Urban Director at Large: Per AFCA Bylaw, the Urban Director at Large position is elected by the membership. The call for nominations will occur on April 29th, with the electronic voting window commencing on May 3rd, closing on May 13th and announcing the results. 
  5. Regions 2, 4, and 6: These positions will be elected at the regional level during the Regional meetings this spring. A ratification vote will occur at the May 28th AGM. 

We encourage all members to familiarize themselves with the new Electronic Voting Policy in our Members Login area Forms and Documents, to understand the procedures and benefits fully. This policy reflects our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance our governance processes, ensuring that AFCA continues to serve its members effectively and efficiently.

Your participation in the upcoming elections is crucial. Watch for announcement communications via our website and email.  Please mark your calendars and prepare to engage in this important aspect of our association’s governance.


Your Board of Directors


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