Alberta Fire Chiefs AssociationCommittees

Through various committees, the AFCA is involved with a number of Provincial and National organizations on a variety of issues concerning the fire service.

*President and Executive Director are ex-officio members of all committees


 Chief Officer Training and Support

This committee will propose AFCA activities that will offer support to new Chief Officers, and to existing Chief Officers.  It is seen as a renewal of past work done, that many of our members cited as critical to helping our own people.  This could include mentor programs, training sessions, networking events with new officers, and more.  In addition to focusing on new officers, it may also look at activities to encourage firefighters to prepare for officer positions.


The role of the committee is to work with Conference Coordinator to plan and host Annual AFCA Conference and Trade Show.  Planning has already started on the 2023, 2024 and 2025 conferences.

Core Competencies

This committee is to engage and work with AFCA’s current approved contractor to review work and deliverables related to the Alberta Core Competency Framework Project. This committee has refocused on managing and improving both the tool and the use of the tool by AFCA members.  Please see website link:

Fire Services Protocol

The purpose of the Fire Service Protocol Committee is to create guiding documents for Fire Service members to access through the Association relevant to proper protocols, procedures conduct and deportment. The Committee members serve to assist the Board by acting as knowledgeable contacts to guide and assist Association members in queries regarding protocol matters related to their Fire Service.


To provide a positive member experience by ensuring association value to the member, cultivate strong relationships within the membership, and ensuring members remain informed consulted engaged and valued. Recommend strategies to ensure continual renewal of memberships and remain relevant to the needs and wants of our membership. Seen as a critical, if not urgent need by the Board, this committee will be asked to ensure that the AFCA remains a valuable organization in the Fire Services community by reviewing programs and services, membership structure, and communications both with members and with external stakeholders.

Recruitment and Retention

To support fire departments and their current and prospective members in an effort to grow and strengthen the Volunteer and Paid-on-Call workforce in the province of Alberta.  Committee composition is to equally represent the many aspects of the Alberta Fire Service; one from each region, one from Board, RMA, AUMA, Indigenous partners, Answer the Call, Women in Fire, business sponsors and supporters.



Merged under Executive Committee:

Constitution and Amendment

This committee is responsible for the legality of the Bylaws. Reach out to the membership to gain further input on the Bylaws. Any suggested changes to the Bylaws would fall to this committee to oversee and bring to Annual General Meeting for vote.


To ensure that the AFCA Board of Directors has an effective governance framework fulfill its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate policy development, recruitment strategies, training programs, monitoring of Board activities and evaluation of Board members’ performance.


Sub committee under Governance to assist in developing Communications policy, governance, and leadership on communication issues, oversee finalization of Communications Plan.

Diversity and Inclusion

The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to advise AFCA President and Board of areas and policy where the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association membership as a whole can cultivate strong relationships within the diverse community they represent and serve.

Finance and Audit

To ensure that the AFCA Board of Directors has oversight on the AFCA Finances and endures auditing of debts and credits are done throughout the year as well as completing the final audit each fiscal year end.  Chaired by the Secretary Treasurer.

Government and Stakeholder Relations

The mission of the Committee is to foster a positive two-way relationship with government and identified fire related industry stakeholders. To “build, assess and maintain relationships”.

Collaboration Meeting of Organizations Involved in Alberta Fire Service

Sub committee established under Government and Stakeholder Relations to plan and organize a meeting of organizations and stakeholders involved in Alberta fire service.


Purpose is to identify terms that are expiring, identify desired skill sets, and approach potential candidates. All types of nominations per AFCA Bylaws come through this committee to review and present to the Executive Director for presentation to the Board and further present and speak to at AGM.  Per AFCA Bylaw (Section 16D4) appoints the 2nd VP as Chair of the Nominating Committee if the position of Past President is vacant.


Supported by Board policy, this committee manages the Resolutions process. The committee leads to gather regional Resolutions, work with the Executive Director in reviewing proposed resolutions, and present them to the membership at Annual General Meeting.


If you are interested in participating on any of these committees please send an email to AFCA Executive Director at: [email protected]




Permanent & ad-hoc committees established by AFCA bylaws for effective AFCA governance.

Diversity & Inclusion
  • Trevor Grant (Chair)
  • Tom Littlechild
  • Lucie Martinson
  • Jason Linton
  • Ivana Irwin
  • Rob Evans (Chair)
  • Cam Stevenson
Finance & Audit
  • Trevor Brice (Chair)
Government & Stakeholder Relations
  • David Mohl (C0-Chair)
  • Brian Stauth (Co-Chair)
  • Peter Krich (NAC Representative)
  • Rob Evans
  • Sean Cunningham
  • Steve Munshaw
  • Steve Wannstrom
  • Ivana Irwin
  • Trevor Brice
  • Mike Pirie
  • Kevin McKeown
  • Executive Committee
  • David Zayonce
  • Kevin Lunty
  • Drayton Busserie


Committees that oversee programs and services to members.

Chief Officer Training & Support
  • Aaron Floyd (Chair)
  • Cam Stevenson
  • Mike Kastern
  • Thomas Jukes
  • Cody Zebedee
  • Paul Prevost
  • Trevor Grant
  • Christopher Conklin
  • Ivana Irwin
  • Scott Smith
Core Competencies
  • Steve Munshaw (Chair)
  • Cam Stevenson
  • Corey Schram
  • Derian Rosario
  • David Zayonce
  • Drayton Bussiere
Recruitment & Retention
  • Richard Hoppins
  • Tom Littlechild
  • Sean Pendergast
  • Cindy Moretti
  • Douglas Hedrick
  • Asha Wrightsell
  • Stephen Underhay
  • Ivana Irwin
  • Patrick Nuemann
  • Rob Evans (Co-Chair)
  • David Mohl (Co-Chair)
  • Carey Feduniw
  • Kevin Swanson
  • Everett Cooke
  • Mac de Beaudrap
  • Jim Smith
  • Garth Rabel
  • Ken Hubbard (Chair)
  • David Zayonce
  • Randy Schroeder
  • Trevor Kotowich
  • Tom Littlechild
  • Bill Purdy
  • William Garries
Fire Services Protocol
  • Mac de Beaudrap (Chair)
  • Dan Marsellus
  • Bob Scott
  • Brad Straty


AFRRCS Governance
  • Preben Bossen
  • Marcel Maure
ICS Alberta
  • Brian Cornforth
Medal Nominations
  • Randy Schroeder
  • Kevin Lefebvre
  • Ken McMullen
Building Technical Council
  • TBD
Fire Technical Council
  • Kevan Jess
AHS Medical Dispatch Protocol Review Provincial Steering Committee
  • Tyler Pelke
  • Rob Evans
  • Peter Krich (NAC Chairman)
Alberta EMS Provincial Advisory Committee
  • Rob Evans
  • Tyler Pelke
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