As members of Alberta Fire Chiefs Association……

  • We commit to ethical leadership, marked by professionalism, integrity, and compassion. Our actions, both professional and personal, reflect positively on the fire service community and the Association.
  • We take responsibility for our actions and their consequences, striving to uphold the credibility and public perception of our Association.
  • We value fairness and diversity, avoiding situations that compromise our collective Association integrity or the trust of fellow members and peers.
  • We address dishonesty or misconduct immediately, maintaining our commitment to truthfulness.
  • We manage personal affairs without compromising our Association, ensuring the reputation of our organization remains intact.
  • We firmly oppose discrimination and harassment in all forms, whether it impacts our service members, staff, or the public.
  • We use social media responsibly, ensuring our online actions align with our Association’s principles and do not tarnish its reputation or that of the fire service or the Association.
  • We welcome and encourage challenges and healthy debates among members, recognizing that such discourse fosters progress and innovation. These interactions, however, must be conducted with respect and in accordance with the principles outlined in this code of conduct. In doing so, we foster a constructive environment where diverse perspectives are valued, and professional growth is achieved.
  • By adhering to these principles, we maintain the highest standards for our Association and the community we serve.
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