Call for Nominations for 1st Vice President and Nomination Received

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Announcements, General News

Hello AFCA Members, 

 This week starts the renewal process for the AFCA 1st Vice President position.  Current 1st Vice President, Chief Rob Evans, of Redwood Meadows has allowed for his name to stand!

 Summarizing some rules from the AFCA Bylaws, Regional Directors or Alternate Regional Directors are not eligible to stand for election as the President, First Vice-President, or Second Vice-President while in that office but may take a leave from the Director position in order to run for election as an Officer.  If successful, the member will resign as a Regional Director; if unsuccessful, they may resume their Director role. 

 For a duration of a two-year term, the duties of the First Vice-President shall:
1. Perform any duties assigned by the AFCA Bylaws, the Board, or the President;
2. In the absence of the President, assume the duties and responsibilities of that position;

 To qualify for a nomination, candidates shall have served at least one (1) year on the Board.

 There will be three calls for nominations, each given a 24 hour window for members to respond. Should there be more than one candidate, elections will commence Thursday April 18th at noon.  


 Monday April 15th 12:25

 Evan Stewart, Assistant Deputy Chief, Emergency Services, The City of Red Deer and Dennis Jones, Assistant Fire Chief,

Town of Bashaw have both nominated Chief Drayton Bussiere for 1st Vice President.

 Chief Bussiere has accepted this nomination.

 Calls for nominations will continue until the period of the 3rd call for nomination has expired noon on Thursday April 17th.

As always, please watch for updates through emails, AFCA Website, Chiefs Chat and AFCA Members Facebook Page.






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