Announcing the Launch of AFCA’s Roadside Safety Incident Reporting Tool

by | May 28, 2024 | Announcements

The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) is proud to announce the launch of a new safety initiative: the Roadside Safety Incident Reporting Tool. This tool represents a significant step forward in our ongoing commitment to the safety of first responders and partners across Alberta.

A Proactive Approach to Roadside Safety

Every day, first responders, public work personnel, and all individuals involved in roadside activities face unpredictable dangers while working on our roads and highways. To address this, the AFCA has developed an innovative system to gather crucial evidence and data on roadside safety issues. We’re focusing on real-life accounts and data from near-miss situations where our dedicated crews, individuals, and personnel have been put at risk by passing motorists or other hazards.

Easy Reporting for a Lasting Impact

We’ve streamlined the reporting process to ensure that your experiences are captured with minimal hassle. A simple one-click link takes you directly to a form where you can report incidents such as near misses, non-compliant motorists, or any other dangers that you encounter while on duty.

Your voice matters, and your reports are the foundation of our advocacy and policy-making efforts.

Your Voice, Our Mission

Your participation is crucial. The data collected through this tool will not only highlight the challenges faced by first responders and all those working along our roadways, but also drive the changes necessary for enhanced roadside safety. We stand with you and are committed to supporting you in every way we can.

Together, We Make a Difference

The AFCA understands the daily challenges you confront. By uniting our voices, we can advocate for the essential changes needed to ensure the safety of everyone on the road – first responders and the public alike.

We extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication to public safety. Your cooperation in this critical matter is invaluable.


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