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by | Apr 12, 2024 | Announcements, General News

Hello AFCA Members!

Chief, Randy Schroeder has been declared President by acclamation for a subsequent two-year term, extending through to 2026.

His reappointment reflects the collective confidence and support of the AFCA Membership in his ability to continue leading the AFCA with distinction.

Congratulations President, Chief, Randy Schroeder!

Coming up next, starting on Monday April 15th at noon, will start the calls for nomination for 1st Vice President position. Each call for nomination will receive 24 hour window response time.

Please continue to follow along! Updates will be direct emailed to AFCA members,  placed here in the AFCA Announcments Page, Chiefs Chat and AFCA Members Only Facebook page.



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Thank You to the Members of the AFCA Message from Chief Schroeder


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