Training Opportunity - Fire Investigation Interview Techniques, Calgary

The Calgary Fire Department Fire Investigation division is tentatively planning to host a two day Fire Investigation Interview techniques training seminar on June 6 and 7, 2018.

The course will be held at Calgary Police Service HQ – Westwinds (NE Calgary) and will involve a day and half of theory followed by a half day of practical work. We have been very fortunate to secure the services of Dr. Sarah MacDonald who has an extensive background in training Fire Investigators, Police Investigators and a whole host of other interview specialists in advanced interview techniques. Calgary Police Services Arson Detectives will be in attendance and provide support during the practical part of the seminar.

The plan is to invite Alberta Fire Departments, private Fire Investigators, and Insurance Industry professionals. There will be a cost to be determined but ranging between $250 and $350 which includes a social night and lunches on both days.

Although we are still in the draft stages of this seminar, I would like to put the word out so that respective Departments can mark their calendars and plan their training budgets accordingly.  As the planning evolves, we will have an online registration form available, but for now I just want to make everyone aware of the event.

Below, please find a “draft” of the training itinerary as well as the biography of Dr. MacDonald above.

Travis Thiessen
Acting Fire Investigation Coordinator SCO, CFEI, NCSO
Calgary Fire Department