Surplus Equipment-Gibbons Fire Department

Gibbons Fire Department has various hoses and nozzles available for sale.

Contact Will @ [email protected] for any questions /offers

10x Bulldog Ultima 2.5” x 100’ (new/never used) $400 each

5x Bulldog Ultima 2.5”x 100’ (Used once) $350 each

10x Bulldog Ultima 2.5”x 50’ (used only a few times) $200 each

2x Bulldog Ultima 1.5”x 100’ (New/never used) $300 each

4x Bulldog Ultima 1.5”x 50’ (used only a few times) $150 each

3x Akron Turbojet 1733 adjustable gallonage 95-200gpm
$850 each
(Like new condition, used as spare nozzles on a back-up

Please note any hose marked as “used” has not been subject to and “live fire” incidents/training and only been used a hand full of times during hose deployment exercises.


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