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The mission of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association is to promote, support and facilitate fire protection and related emergency services.

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Become Part of the Team

An AFCA membership offers the opportunity for you to become part of a network of members across Canada and the U.S. who share expertise on a wide variety of fire service-related issues. As a member, you receive a list of other Alberta Fire Chiefs and Trade members that is available only from AFCA—allowing you to maintain close contact with a team of individuals within the Alberta fire service.

AFCA membership gives you an opportunity to participate in decisions that directly affect the safety and well being of individuals in career, part-time and volunteer fire service positions, as well as the general public.

You can contribute to the work of the Association by becoming a member of the Board of Directors or by becoming an Executive Officer, offering to stand for election at the AFCA Annual General Meeting.

The AFCA Provides Education to:

The Fire Service

As an AFCA member, you have the chance to participate in discussions at the organization's Annual General Meeting, an opportunity to share opinions and concerns with colleagues in the fire service. You may also attend seminars, symposiums and regional meetings throughout the year, covering a wide variety of topics and increasing awareness of urban and rural fire departments.

The AFCA is often called upon to provide advice and assistance on matters related to fire training standards, programs and other important issues that help shape the Fire Service in Alberta. AFCA input helps maintain high training standards that keeps Albertans and our Firefighters safe.

The General Public

The AFCA, through the Public Education Committee, is dedicated to making Alberta communities safer places by assisting in the implementation of programs such as: Learn Not To Burn and Risk Watch programs for children, Juvenile Fire Setters Prevention Programs, Smoke Detector Campaigns throughout the province, and Residential Sprinkler Campaigns.

Through Various Committees, the AFCA is Involved With a Number of Provincial and National Organizations on a Variety of Issues.

Membership in the AFCA gives you a voice in the development and implementation of Provincial Legislation that can help impact the safety of Albertans. Including but not limited to: Alberta Building and Fire Code Technical Committees, OH&S, Alberta Transportation and Infrastructure.

The AFCA offers members a voice on issues related to training.  In partnership with the Alberta Fire Training Officer's Association the AFCA works hard to help steer the direction of accreditation and training in the province.

AFCA Members also have the opportunity to express concerns and opinions to other associations and organizations including: the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC), Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), and the Rural Municipalities Association (RMA).

The AFCA works to ensure the best possible protection to members of the fire service while carrying out their responsibilities. The Association consults, from time to time, with the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) and officials of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety in order to develop the policies and/or guidelines that affect members of the Alberta fire service. The AFCA Occupational Health and Safety Committee occasionally performs an advocacy role on behalf of AFCA members.

AFCA bylaws establish certain standing committees. They are:

  • Finance and Audit – responsible to the Board of Directors for financial matters;
  • Resolutions – presents resolutions for consideration by members attending the Annual General Meeting;
  • Constitution and Amendments – recommends amendments to AFCA bylaws and regulations;
  • Trade Members – represents the interests of AFCA Trade Members.

The AFCA is dedicated to fostering communication within the ranks of AFCA and keeping members up-to-date on fire service issues. Ad Hoc Committees are established to accomplish these objectives.

Some current Ad Hoc Committees include:

  • Membership and Credentials – recommends programs designed to increase membership and interest in the AFCA;
  • Training and Education – responsible for matters related to fire training and public education about fire safety matters;
  • Provincial Building and Fire Code – the Association recommends AFCA members to serve on the Building and Fire Codes Committees of the Safety Codes Council.
  • Emergency Medical Services – deals with issues that involve the relationship between fire and EMS services in Alberta;
  • Residential Sprinkler – the Committee was struck to promote the use of residential sprinklers and to form a partnership with the recently established Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition;
  • Archives – maintains historical records and artifacts of the AFCA.

Other Ad Hoc Committees are struck as necessary to deal with specific issues.

For Members Only

The members area of the AFCA website ( holds meeting minutes and documents only available to members.  The members area is available only to registered members who may have access to a variety of information on all emergency services. 

AFCA Members receive an exclusive 10% discount on all AFCA Bookstore materials. The AFCA Bookstore stocks a variety of materials related to Emergency Fire and EMS services in Western Canada—training, codes, resources and regulatory documents. The AFCA Bookstore is hassle-free. Use your VISA, MasterCard or American Express and let us handle brokering, duty and imports.

AFCA members also save through discounts on registration fees at AFCA-sponsored seminars and conferences.

...Not directly involved in the fire service? Become a Trade Member!

AFCA Trade members are representatives of companies that offer for sale a multitude of products and services. They provide an important service to the AFCA by informing members of new products and services, assisting in some training and supporting AFCA activities.

Many Trade Members participate in the Trade Show held each year in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. The meeting is held each year at different locations in the province, usually late May or early June.

AFCA Trade Members can take advantage of unique opportunities to promote their company's goods and services in a number of ways including access to more than 1000 fire officers in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories.

Lists of current Fire Chiefs and/or AFCA members are available to them--current AFCA Membership is currently more than 500 individuals and companies.

Advertising and promotional opportunities are available to Trade Members and other organizations via the AFCA magazine "the Responder".  This twice annual publication is distributed to all fire departments and municipalities in the 4 western provinces.  It contains articles and information submitted by and pertinent to the Canadian Fire Service. 

Join AFCA Today! New Members are Welcome

The membership categories of the Association are:

ACTIVE (Voting) Members

Eligible individuals include:

  1. Chief Officers of any regularly organized public, private, governmental, or industrial fire service active in the Province of Alberta who are out of scope management employees;
  2. Fire Marshals, Chief Training Officers, Chief Fire Prevention Officers, and Chief Fire Investigators or persons holding similar positions however named;
  3. Chief Forestry Officers or other designated heads of Forestry Districts or zones and Safety Codes Officers-Fire of Alberta Labour or any successor provincial departments;
  4. The Alberta Fire Commissioner and any of his Deputies, or any member of the Fire Commissioner's staff including any members of the Provincial civil service involved in the fire or EMS field who is recommended in writing for Active Membership by the Fire Commissioner;
  5. The Director of fire etc or any member of the Fire etc staff who is recommended in writing by the Director of Fire etc.;
  6. Any elected Official of an Alberta Municipality, Improvement District or County;
  7. Any member of an organization listed in (a) above who is recommended in writing by the Fire Chief or General Manager of that organization to the Executive Director and whose application for membership is approved by the Board of Directors.

Associate (Non-Voting) Members

Individuals eligible include those involved in the fire service but who are not eligible for Active Membership in any of the categories listed above.

Associate membership is also available to any person or organization interested in the promotion or development of the emergency prevention and response field or persons who provide consulting services on a professional basis to the emergency service industry or to Association members.

Trade (Non-Voting) Members

Persons who are members of firms whether structured as corporations, partnerships or proprietorships which service, manufacture, or supply equipment and/or materials to the emergency industry and Association members.

Honourary Members

Individuals who have performed meritorious acts or services on behalf of the Association in particular or the fire service in general, or who have acted in a brave or unselfish manner when assisting the victim of an emergency incident or have promoted fire safety or the mental or physical well being of the citizens of Alberta in a manner deemed worthy of recognition by the Board of Directors.

Life Members

Persons who have served the Association in a meritorious manner and have been members in good standing for the previous ten years, or have served a full term as President, or who have served minimum of two full terms on Board of Directors.

Affiliate Group Members

Groups whose aims, objectives, mission and special interest are similar or identical to the aims, objectives, mission or special interests of the Association.