12 Storey Wood Frame Building Code Approval - Statement from AFCA President

Press Release regarding 12 Storey Wood Construction Code Approval

The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association on behalf of all Fire Services in Alberta is expressing concern regarding the allowance of 12-storey wood frame construction within the National Fire Code. AFCA members are concerned that although the Government indicates there was consultation with more than a dozen Alberta Building and Fire organizations, no consultation from the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association was sought. The AFCA has representation on both the Fire Technical Sub-Council, and Building Technical Sub-Council, both within the Safety Codes Council. Adequate background, research and or recommended best practice as not been discussed and reporting on this topic has not been forthcoming. Therefore, the AFCA has not been given adequate opportunity to express safety concerns, primarily within the construction phase when these building types are most vulnerable. Affiliated groups and Fire Chiefs across the province are all echoing concern.

Although, the AFCA understands the importance of the Provincial Governments Red Tape Reduction initiative, a more thorough review of safety standards, best practices, emergency and resource planning, along with fire safety recommendations during the construction phase of these buildings needs to be implemented to address public safety in the vicinity of these structures while under construction.

In no uncertain terms the reaction of the Fire Services of Alberta, and affiliated organizations prove that proper consultation did not happen, and our safety concerns raised have not been adequately heard.

We therefore urge the Government to consider delaying until a review of the National Building Code is completed at the end of 2020, and all concerns have been addressed.

For Media Inquiries Contact
Randy Schroeder – President, Alberta Fire Chiefs Association: 780-284-1700