ICISF CISM Training in Peer Support - Feb 29 - March 1 & March 7 - 8, Fox Creek

We are pleased to offer the ICISF Courses: “Assisting Individuals in Crisis” and “Group Crisis Intervention” as part of the
development of the Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network for fire services. The Alberta Critical Incident Provincial Network
is a peer driven, peer led network of ICISF CISM trained peers. This volunteer network delivers real-time support to individuals,
crews, or departments who have been exposed to critical incidents and are exhibiting the signs and symptoms of distress.

You are invited to register for Basic Training in ICISF CISM hosted by Fox Creek Fire Department and Sponsored
by Chevron. This is a four-day course for first responders interested in CISM and is designed to teach participants
the fundamentals of, and specific protocol for, incident assessment, strategic planning, individual (one-on-one)
crisis intervention techniques, informational group crisis techniques, and interactive group crisis techniques.

For more information, please open the file below.