IAAI Fundamentals of Fire Investigation

June 3-7, 2024

This course is designed to provide the new fire investigator with the prerequisite knowledge necessary to determine the origin and cause of a fire properly and to refresh the experienced fire investigator with his/her current knowledge base as it relates to the scientific investigation of a fire scene. This course provides the basis for the IAAI Fire Investigation Technician certification.

The following CFITrainer.Net® modules are course Prerequisites:

  • The Scientific Method for Fire and Explosion Investigation
  • Understanding Fire Through the Candle Experiments
  • Fire Investigator Scene Safety

NOTE: This offering requires 30 registered participants prior to May 1st, or the class offering will be cancelled by the IAAI (registration fees will be refunded) The maximum class size is 50 participants. REGISTRATION for this course involves a “2-step” process.

Register by visiting this link: Fundamentals of Fire Investigation

Location: 1100-4th Street, Nisku, AB  (Holiday Inn and Suites Edmonton Airport)

For complete information on this course please click the following link:

2024-FIAA – Spring – FUNDAMENTALS info sheet

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