Employment Opportunity - Emergency HM Responder, Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc.

Emergency Hazmat Responder /Environmental Responder
Position: P.P.C.’s (Paid Per Call)

The Company:
Working with Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc., a Southern Alberta based Hazmat Emergency Response company, will give you an opportunity to work for an exciting innovative firm which responds to incidents within the 3 western provinces. Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc., is a Canadian-based hazmat emergency response firm with local and international call centre integrated clients. We're committed to working collaboratively, building partnerships with industry, government and multiple fire departments within the 3 western provinces, through innovative adaptation of multiple emergency response systems. This leads to creating value added benefits for all of our stakeholders. At Enviro Hazmat Emergency Response Inc., it's not just what we do that makes us emergency response leaders - it's how we do it.

Roles :
The roles of the Emergency Hazmat Contract Responder, is to provide hazmat response, coordination, agency approvals, scene control in collaboration with local industry and fire services. The Emergency Hazmat Contract Responder will apply an active role in mitigation of the Hazmat / Environmental impacts on scene to prevent further negative migration, which may also include on-scene fire-rescue-medical services. This process ensures the organization delivers on its mandate to preserve life, property, and the environment through the provision of hazardous materials response/protection, fire suppression, emergency management, fire prevention/education, and rescue services to the incident scene and surrounding areas. Upon completion of the incident, the Emergency Hazmat Contract Responder will be charged with the responsibility of compiling, writing and reporting the incident activities to the client, provincial/federal government and dangerous goods department. The Emergency Hazmat Responder will initially report directly to the Hazmat Chief, D.G.I.C. (Dangerous Goods Incident Command) and will have a secondary reporting responsibility to the Administrative Corporate Controller.

The ideal candidate will have: Accreditation or professional designation in fire or related emergency services; and/or an Environmental Sciences Degree in the environmental field;
• Ideally, the candidate will have the qualifications in the emergency response industry, with a minimum 1 year field experience for on-site emergencies and/or reclamation, remediation.
• Basic knowledge of Federal and Provincial Codes & Regulations and Municipal By-Laws relative to the activities on a Hazmat Scene;
• Basic knowledge in principles, practices, and techniques related to prevention of plume migration, extinguishing and preventing fires, rescue skills, and knowledge in managing dangerous goods incidents;
• The skill set to direct responders safely, maintain discipline, promote harmony, exercise sound judgment, and effectively co-operate with other civic, agency officials, staff and the general public.
• The candidate must be energetic, make sound decisions at times of urgency and have a positive attitude in adverse conditions.
• The emergency response candidate will demonstrate time/cost management skills, strong interpersonal and team spirit competencies.
• Exhibit time sensitive logistic skills relative to coordinating the necessary contractors and equipment
• Must have their own Reliable cell phone and Vehicle

General Duties:
• *Hazmat Emergency Response on an “As Needed” basis (local and provincial)
• *Soil and groundwater sampling and monitoring
• *Computer services for report design, compilation and completion
• *A strong ability to conduct research and report writing skills, to meet municipal, provincial and
CCME guidelines
• *Travel will be required (currently 20%-30%) pending project locations

Enviro Hazmat provides training on a weekly basis to allow candidates to hone their existing emergency skills and augment their hazmat response capabilities.

A contract rate will be negotiated based on credentials and experience in the industrial field. This may be enhanced in the future based upon substantiated improvement in scene emergency control and documentation management skills.

To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to:

Barry Lesiuk – Hazmat Chief
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.