Leadership Prescribed


Product Information

“Leadership Prescribed-A Handbook for Fire Service Leaders” was written by Chief Les Karpluk (retired) and Chief Lyle Quan (retired) to provide existing leaders and those aspiring to be leaders the tools to become more effective.

Each chapter is packed full of information that is not only easy to read, but easy to implement. To help the reader retain the thoughts and ideas communicated, each chapter has a simple reflection exercise.

The fifteen sections will help you whether you are a career, paid on-call or volunteer firefighter or officer.

* It’s About Our Profession

* Think Of The Monkey Cage

* Leadership-Where Art Thou?

* Vision And Change Principles

* Try These Ten Leadership Rules

* Trusting And Forgiving

* Attitude And Desire Is Everything

* Adversity Creates Growth

* It’s A Generation Thing

* You Determine Your Success

* I Want To Be Popular

* It’s All About Your Style

* Culture Is Alive And Well

* The Need For Succession Planning

* Strategically Planning The Future

$27.95 (Including 0% tax) each