Incident Response Pocket Guide


Product Information

The IRPG features checklists to assist with an initial attack or extended field operations.
-2018 edition
-Smoke Hazards and Mitigations
-Smoke and Transportation Safety
-Added Critical Burn Period to Common Denominators of Fire Behavior on Tragedy Fires

This guide is intended to help with all aspects of a firefighter’s job. This edition of the guide has removed flight following references, working with air tankers, and severe fire behavior potential related to RH and fuel moisture content. It has additional information like added assets at risk of size up report, updated aviation user checklist, and more. Shop this and other wildfire firefighter gear today.

New References
-Smoke Hazards and Mitigations
-Smoke and Transportation Safety
-Principles of Airtanker and Water Scooper Use
-Recommended Retardant Coverage Levels
-Important Winds to Firefighters
-Alignments and Patterns for Dangerous Fire Behavior

Deleted References
-Flight Following
-Working with Airtankers
-Severe Fire Behavior Potential Related to RH and Fuel --Moisture Content

Existing References with Significant Changes
-Added Assets/Values at Risk to Size Up Report
-Added LCES to Briefing Checklist
-Revised Look Up, Down, and Around
-Added Critical Burn Period to Common Denominators of -Fire Behavior on Tragedy Fires
-Emphasized effects of slope and wind on Safety Zones
-Updated Wildland Urban Interface Firefighting
-Removed the 30/30 Rule in Thunderstorm Safety
-Edited Last Resort Survival
-Updated Aviation User Checklist
-Revised Retardant Use Reminders
-Updated Directing Retardant and Bucket Drops
-Updated Spot Weather Forecast information
-Updated Medical section including the Medical Incident Report

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