Firefighter Safety: Mistakes and Best Practices - DVD


Product Information

Firefighter Safety:
Mistakes and Best Practices

Created and presented by: Dr. Richard B. Gasaway, Fire Chief (ret.)

Format: DVD
Length: 119 minutes

This program examines mistakes that result in firefighter casualties and offers best practices to fix the mistakes and improve the safety of your firefighters. This program is based on Dr. Gasaway’s examination of more than 500 firefighter near-miss and casualty reports.

Part 1 of this program discusses ten common mistakes occurring during near-miss and line-of-duty casualty incidents, including issued related to:

- Staffing

- Communications

- Command competency

- Size-up

- Strategy

- Resource management

- Standard operating procedures/guidelines

- Command location

- Training

- Complacency

Part 2 shares ten best practices your fire department can implement to help manage and overcome the most common mistakes.

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