Firefighter Preplan


Product Information

Firefighter Preplan is the ultimate guidebook for thriving as a firefighter. In this book, you will discover the secrets of great firefighters that have never been shared in a book before. You will be given the strategies and tactics of great and respected firefighters and a plan for how you can become one too. Specifics you will learn: -17 strategies of great and respected firefighters -10 tactics used by great and respected firefighters -How to build a respected reputation among firefighters -The 4 respect-killers for firefighters -The top 3 most-hated firefighter behaviors -The 3 destructive C's in the fire service -The Firefighter Motto of successful firefighters -How to be like the fire -Firefighter Preplan implementation steps -The Firefighter Training Success Diamond -Action steps for each strategy and tactic -How to deal with the career and life storms of a fire service career -And much more! Firefighter Preplan provides the opportunity to learn what the best of the best in our business do. Firefighter Preplan eliminates the previous constraints up and coming firefighters had. Regardless of where you live, where you are stationed, what your gender or nationality is, you can have access to the wisdom of great firefighters with Firefighter Preplan. Learn the attitudes, mindsets, behaviors, strategies and tactics of great firefighters in Firefighter Preplan to take your firefighting career and skills to the next level and to reach your God-given potential.

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