Fire Protection Systems & Response


Product Information


-Provides critical safety information of practical use to first responders for a wide variety of building systems

-Includes over 250 photographs and tables to reinforce the discussion with visual examples

-Examines the features of elevators that may assist first responders during fires and other events

-Reviews the aspects of building service equipment that can hinder and aid the efforts of firefighters

-Introduces the dangers posed to emergency personnel by powerful magnets in equipment such as MNR and MRI machines

-Offers an overview of the common workings of fire alarm and suppression systems


The modern definition of firefighter no longer means “putting the wet stuff on the red stuff.” Emergency responders answer incidents ranging from fire alarm activations to elevator rescues and medical emergencies more often than full-blown fires. Consequently, responders increasingly interface with a wide array of building systems. Underscoring the changing role of firefighters, Fire Protection: Systems and Response presents the basic knowledge of the inner workings of fire safety/fire protection systems and related equipment in buildings.
The author provides a straightforward overview of the functions and benefits of these systems and how they can assist with fire suppression, code enforcement, alarm response, and elevator rescue. The book’s comprehensive discussion of elevators, fire command centers, emergency generators and lighting, and HVAC systems sets it apart from other fire protection books currently available. The topics covered prepare emergency response personnel for the challenges they face working with fire protection systems, fire alarm systems, and elevators.

Logically organized, clearly written, and covering all systems in a single text, this presentation of information streamlines fire service interaction with building features and fire protection systems. Providing an understanding of how systems are designed and installed, the book is also a reference for troubleshooting fire protection problems in the field. The information not only gives responders
an appreciation
knowledge of how the systems work, but helps them use this knowledge to perform their job better.

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