Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) Instructor's Toolkit


Product Information

Preparing for a FUNSAR course is easy with the resources on this CD-ROM, including:

  • Adaptable PowerPoint Presentations - Provides you with a powerful way to make presentations that are educational and engaging to your students. Slides that can be edited and modified to meet your needs. To save you time, we have incorporated the most important images into the slides to emphasize key points.
  • Lecture Outlines - Provides you with complete, ready-to-use lecture outlines that include all of the topics covered in the chapter.  The lecture outlines can be modified and customized to fit your course.
  • NASAR Exam Questions - Contains multiple-choice and scenario-based questions, with page references to FUNSAR.
  • Image Bank - Provides you with a selection of the most important images found in the text. Use them to incorporate more images into the PowerPoint presentations, make handouts, or enlarge a specific image for discussion.
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