Fire & EMS Officer Field Guide (2nd edition)


Product Information

Whether you are a Fire or EMS officer, the Fire and EMS Officer Field Guide, Second Edition will prove to be an essential tool throughout your career. This guide meets the 2015 CPR/ECC Guidelines and is in an easy-to-use checklist format. At only 3"x5", this guide fits in your pocket, is waterproof, alcohol-fast, and street tough. This guide covers:

  • Safety, tactics, and operational behavior
  • Flow path management
  • Initial tactics for specific situations
  • ICS prompts and initial assignments
  • Hazardous material size-up
  • Technical rescue
  • Helicopter support
  • Terrorist, triage and mass casualty
  • EMS care prompts and tasks

            New to this edition:

  • Flow path, door control, and ventilation limited definitions
  • High angle rope rescue
  • Updated sections including:Chimney fires
  • Wildland fires
  • Gasoline fires
  • Confined space rescue
  • Water rescue
  • Motor vehicle crash
$31.94 (Including 0% tax) each