Rapid Intervention Teams Instructors Program


Product Information

This instructor's package is designed to prepare firefighters for operations-level RIT duties. It combines both Awareness- and Operations-Level training for participants who have minimal experience in RIT work. It can be adapted to be utilized for students with various levels of RIT experience. The information is designed to be presented in a 16- to 20-hour format, and it includes slides in a PowerPoint® format incorporating video clips in 12 lessons that can be customized by instructors to take into account local situations.

The information also provides several suggested variations for scheduling the program and working around the availability of hands-on training venues. Departments with ready access to hands-on facilities can integrate hands-on training with classroom training, while those that do not can combine all of their hands-on training in a single 8-hour period.

Windows® compatible only.

$108.66 (Including 0% tax) each