Occupational Safety, Health and Wellness Ebook (4th)


Product Information

Fire and emergency responder safety is a primary responsibility of all emergency services organizations and responders. This manual provides guidance to achieve the requirements of NFPA® 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program. The content is a guide to a comprehensive occupational safety, health, and wellness program in a fire and emergency response organization.

This text includes how to:
Implement and manage occupational safety and health program
Motivate the fire and emergency services organizations to prioritize safety and health
Establish safety and health objectives for the organization
Ensure a safe and healthy work environment in emergency and nonemergency activities

Key Features:
The chapters are correlated to the FESHE outcomes
Up to date health, safety, and wellness standards and statistics
Content is concise and easy-to-follow
Research citations and endnotes are included
Safety and Health topics in the manual include the following:
Risks, hazards, and managing risk
Creating a safety culture
Physical fitness, wellness, and health considerations
Training safety
Apparatus and emergency vehicle safety
Tool and equipment safety, maintenance, and operation
Personal protective equipment selection, care, and use
Emergency scene safety
Facility safety
Safety program establishment and implementation

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