Introduction to Active Shooter / Hostile Event Response Ebook


Product Information

This first edition of Fire Protection Publications' Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response defines how to establish an ASHER training program on the local level, how to conduct threat assessment of your community, how to coordinate response with other responders and how to recover from an ASHE. Ours is the only fire service training manual available on this topic.

The manual addresses NFPA 3000™, Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program.


Chapter 1 – The Evolving Fire Service
Chapter 2 – Active Shooter/Hostile Event Overview (Data)
Chapter 3 – Community Risk Assessment/Threat Assessment
Chapter 4 – Training Concepts and Models/Ballistic Protection Training
Chapter 5 – Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)
Chapter 6 – Operational Response Models and Ballistic Protection
Chapter 7 – Command Considerations
Chapter 8 – Integrated Response and Law Enforcement Considerations
Chapter 9 – Behavioral Health and Recovery Phase
Appendix A – Remembrance
Appendix B - Community Risk Assessment/Threat Assessment Checklist

This product is the eBook version of the manual: Introduction to Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response, First Edition.

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