Industrial Exterior and Structural Fire Brigades


Product Information

This is the first manual of its kind developed to address the specific needs of industrial advanced exterior and interior structural fire brigades. The purpose of this manual is to:

Support management personnel in complying with applicable laws and regulationsSupport the training of personnel who will provide advanced exterior and interior structural fire control for industrial occupanciesExpand the student's knowledge and serve as a training source for individual industrial emergency responders

The scope of the manual includes, but is not limited to, those standards, laws, and regulations that apply to fire brigade members who serve at the Advanced Exterior Fire Fighting and Interior Structural Fire Fighting levels. These include the following:

NFPA® 600, Standard on Industrial Fire Brigades (2000)NFPA® 1081, Standard on Industrial Fire Brigade Professional Qualifications (2001)OSHA regulations in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1910, 'Occupational Safety and Health Standards,' 1990, commonly known as 29 CFR 1910Other NFPA® standards cited in certain limited areas of application

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