Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply Instructors USB

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The Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply Instructor Materials 2nd edition meets the objectives for the FESHE model curriculum outcomes for Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply. These Instructor Materials contain materials needed to teach a course in conjunction with the FPP Fire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply manual. The materials were designed for a 16-week, 48-hour course, but they can be modified as needed because they were created using the basic features of Microsoft Word® and Microsoft PowerPoint®.

These Second Edition Instructor Materials have been completely revised and improved from the previous version. It has a user-friendly interface that allows instructors to select the appropriate component from a menu. Included are the following:

  • PowerPoint® presentations
  • Instructor outlines
  • Test questions and answers

All of the files are customizable to allow instructors to add their own information.

Windows® compatible only. Note: If using Microsoft® Office 2003, you must load Service Pack 2 or above.

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