Company Officer's Handbook 1st edition


Product Information

Commonly in FPP/IFSTA circles when the term “Company Officer” is used, it refers to the IFSTA Validated manual Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 5th Edition, which deals mainly and directly with NFPA requirements for the officer acting in emergency situations.

In the Introduction to Company Officer’s Handbook, First Edition, Deputy Chief Murgallis states the intent of this manual: to be a guide for the non-emergency parts of the job such as station supervisor or acting in the place of a superior officer, as well as leadership skills and pre-planning, and some of the hidden rules he encountered in his own experience.

Chapter List
1. Management and Leadership
2. Decision Making
3. Communications
4. Time Management
5. Health and Safety
6. Principles of Incident Command
7. Advanced Incident Command
8. Fire Protection Systems
9. Planning
10. Building Construction
11. Terrorism and Civil Disturbance
12. NIMS and the National Response Framework
13. Wildland Urban Interface Fire Fighting

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