Building Construction Related to the Fire Service (4th) Instructor Curriculum USB


Product Information

The Building Construction Related To The Fire Service, 4th Edition Curriculum builds upon the excellence of IFSTA instructional materials. Instructors know they can count on IFSTA to provide accurate, customizable, and complete curriculum. In addition, they have come to expect that IFSTA curriculum is up-to-date and will meet their training needs and those of their organizations. The Building Construction Related To The Fire Service, 4th Edition Curriculum meets and surpasses these customer expectations. The curriculum design is based on current research that provides for the most effective instructional design for adult training classrooms. All the tools an instructor needs to deliver a course with successful outcomes for today’s students are provided in this comprehensive package

The curriculum covers all 14 chapters of the Building Construction Related To The Fire Service, 4th Edition. The components are designed for use in both a traditional face-to-face and hybrid classroom environment.

Each lesson contains a detailed, simple-to-use instructor presentation outline in Microsoft Word® format. This format allows instructors to customize the files to conform to their own teaching preferences or local procedures if they so choose. Skill evaluation checklists and learning activities pertinent to the lessons are also provided. Customizable high-quality PowerPoint® presentations also accompany each lesson. The following components are available on a Flash Drive and ResourceOne.

Plan of Instruction and Syllabus templates
Chapter Lesson Outlines and PowerPoint® Presentation
Chapter Quizzes, Tests, and Answers
Test Generator
Chapter Workbook Answers
Learning Activities
Skills Evaluation Checklists
Using IFSTA Curriculum Instructor and Student videos
Templates, Tutorials, and Technical Support Information
Compatible Operating Systems

Windows XP or newer
Mac OS X 10.6.8 or newer
The interactive PowerPoint® slides will not work on a Mac computer. This is a known issue with the Mac version of PowerPoint®.

$221.76 (Including 0% tax) each