Sealed Battery PhotoElectric Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Slim Design


Product Information


Protect your home and family from both fire and dangerous carbon monoxide with a nuisance free alarm that you can install in any room of the house. The PRC710A is a battery powered combination photoelectric smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm, with a 10 year sealed lithium battery. You won't need to worry about battery changes or nuisance beeps due to low batteries, for the entire life of the detector.


-2 in 1 alarm, Photoelectric smoke detector & Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector

-10 year sealed Lithium battery

-Low profile, round design

-Easy installation

-Alarm status LED indicator

-Test/Silence button

-End of life warning notifies when it's time to replace

-10 year manufacturer's warranty

$31.43 (Including 0% tax) each