Vehicle Extricaton:DVD #3 Evolutions


Product Information

In DVD 3, Vehicle Extrication: Evolutions, Dalrymple reviews the basic evolutions that every extrication responder should be able to perform. Dalrymple looks at the various tools available to most responders and discusses which ones are appropriate for each task. He addresses various side, roof, dash, and trench evolutions, as well as tunneling and ramming techniques.

Responders must be familiar with as many extrication evolutions as possible. With the complexity of today's extrication events, it is important to have a Plan B and Plan C on-scene. Through a deep understanding f the various extrication evolutions available, responders have a greater chance of a swift, safe, and successful extrication.

Approx. 30 Minutes/DVD/March 2011

$151.49 (Including 0% tax) each