The Fire Chief's Toolbox


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This is not another book about how to put the wet stuff on the red stuff.

The Fire Chief’s Toolbox presents a clear view of the personal and professional issues affecting a new fire chief and offers tools to address the issues successfully. The Fire Chief’s Toolbox will provide readers with:
• Realistic insight into the knowledge, skills and abilities that every fire chief must have to succeed
• Guidelines for long-term career preparation
• An understanding of the job search and selection process
• A fundamental plan for assuming command
• An understanding of the importance of the chief’s role as a politician, educator, salesperson and marketer to assure career success
• Guidance for spouses and families of those who seek to become The Chief
• A reminder that the primary job of every fire chief is the safety of his or her personnel

As a future or current chief of any fire department, you will:
• Benefit from the practical, straightforward and common sense advice
• Discover the thought processes needed to meet the challenges that face every chief
• Gain insight that will help your family cope with the stresses your job as fire chief will bring to their lives

Table of Contents:
• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Credentials, Philosophy and Assumptions
• Career Preparation
• Fire Chief Position Available
• The Job Search
• Researching Position Openings
• Application and Selection
• The Job Offer
• Assuming Command
• The Policy Makers
• Human Resources and Labor Relations/Unions
• Politics
• Standards of Response Coverage
• Outsourcing
• Why Can’t We Run Government like a Business?
• Budgets and Service Delivery
• Purchasing
• Ethics
• View from the Fire Chief’s Office
• General Management Tools
• Tools for Improvement
• Beyond Suppression
• Fire Chief, Lessons Learned Climbing The Ladder Review
• Tools for Your Family and Your Personal Values
• The Golden Rule
• Conclusion
• Exercises, Check Lists and Reminders
• References
• Index

296 Pages/Hardcover/6x9/January 2007

$61.19 (Including 0% tax) each