Surface Ice Rescue


Product Information

by Walt "Butch" Hendrick and Andrea Zaferes, Lifeguard Systems, Inc.

This book provides practical, up-to-date information on training, team management, equipment, and techniques for ice rescue teams.

  • No ice is safe ice
  • Preplanning the surface ice rescue response
  • The three levels of training
  • Who responds to ice rescue incidents?
  • Managing an operation
  • Surface ice rescue equipment
  • Awareness-level duties and responses
  • Operational-level duties and responses
  • Technical-level duties and responsibilities
  • Communication and line tending
  • Special ice rescue situations
  • Ice formation and types
  • Cold stress and hypothermia
  • The four processes of heat loss
  • Heat and fluid loss
  • How repeated exposure to cold affects us
  • Cold stress, immersion, and fluid loss
  • Chillblains, frostnip, frostbite, and freezing
  • Drowning
  • References and additional reading
  • Answers to study questions

200 pages/Softcover/7x10/1999

$29.62 (Including 0% tax) each