Mastering The Fire Service Assesment Center: Tactical Simulation


Product Information

Anthony (Andoni) Kastros, a 19-year veteran of the fire service, has coached hundreds of firefighters on assessment centers, interviews, and promotional techniques.

In this essential companion to his best-selling book, Mastering the Fire Service Assessment Center, Chief Kastros provides you with tactical simulation exercises that allow you to hone your skills to become a proficient fireground officer and test like one!

  • Learn what an assessment center really is.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how to develop the KSAs to succeed in the test and the position.
  • Walk through several simulations and practice the key points of size-ups, arrival reports, and fireground functions.
  • Learn and practice the SAW-CSS-RECEO-VSS system.
$60.09 (Including 0% tax) each