Fire Engineering's Firefighter PowerPoint (2013 update)


Product Information

by Emergency Training Solutions

Created by a team of active duty firefighters and fire service instructors, this PowerPoint® program was built with all instructors in mind—from the new instructor to the most seasoned training officer.

It's ready-to-use, yet highly customizable, and includes a generous amount of realistic photos, graphics, clear-and-concise text, and more than 300 integrated video clips to illustrate practical skills.

Installs all files directly onto your PC (Serial Number required) and includes Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer.

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Minimum System Recommendations:
-Pentium 4 2GHz processor or higher
-Microsoft® Windows® XP
-DVD drive / 1 GB of RAM / 64 MB of Video RAM
-Microsoft® Office 2003 / PowerPoint® 2003
-Media Player 9

$644.49 (Including 0% tax) each