Occupational Health and Safety for the Fire Service

Occupational Health and Safety for the Fire Service

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For courses in Occupational Health and Safety for Fire Service.   Occupational Health and Safety for the Fire Service with MyFireKit is intended to aid emergency service managers and leaders with the reducing the injury and death of emergency workers by implementing the latest occupational health and safety standards and regulations. In the continually changing world of emergency services, this text's up-to-date coverage of standards and regulations helps managers and leaders stay focused on current trends such as terrorism, technology, and of course, health and safety.  The text also covers technology as a tool to enhance and support the health and safety of emergency responders.   Hallmark Features:   Includes access to MyFireKit–offering book-specific resources online for both students and instructors, including experiments, review questions, games, animations, and video clips.   

Applies the concepts of occupational health and safety–which have been an industry standard for many years in the private sector–to the public sector, where such concepts are a relatively new discipline that is gaining in popularity and focus.

  Identifies the need for accountability–in the area of health and safety, along with an increased emphasis on education and training.

  • Emphasizes that both fire and emergency medical services must realize the accountability of safe practices.  

Covers the many groups and symposiums–taking place across the nation that have been created in an effort to stay focused on the issues and problems related to the health and safety of responders.   Addresses the recommendations of The Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education group (FESHE)–that strongly recommends the topic of health and safety as a part of the associate degree program.

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