Fire Dynamics (2nd edition)


Product Information

Improve readers’ understanding of fire dynamics with real-world insight and research
Written to the FESHE baccalaureate curriculum for the Fire Dynamics course, Fire Dynamics offers a comprehensive approach to fire dynamics that integrates the latest research and real experiments from the field. The Second Edition’s all-new design makes locating information even easier for the reader. With twelve chapters and FESHE and NFPA references and guidelines throughout, this book is a useful resource for all fire service professionals–from the student to the fire investigator.

-Meets the updated FESHE guidelines for Fire Behavior and Combustion, Fire Dynamics, and NFPA 1033-Standard Professional Qualifications for the Fire Investigator

-Offers a more comprehensive approach to fire dynamics and chemistry with a blend of introductory, intermediate, and advanced Fire Dynamics course material

-Integrates real-world practical experiences as well as theoretically-based research in a highly-readable format that is comprehensible to a wide audience

-Contains Math, Chemistry, and Physics Reviews to acclimate the reader to fire dynamics

-Engages visual learners and makes locating information even easier with a new design. Improvements include:
NEW: Numbered headings that make it faster to follow the instructor
UPDATED: More text boxes to reinforce text material
UPDATED: More definitions placed alongside the text for quick reference
NEW: New photos and illustrations to increase concept comprehension
NEW: A new header, Quantitative Questions, to identify advanced difficulty questions in the Chapter Review Section

-Reinforces learning and retention with Introductions, Key Terms, and End-of-Chapter Review Questions used throughout

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