Building Construction: Methods and Materials

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For courses in Building Construction. Building Construction: Methods and Materials for the Fire Service, Second Edition, emphasizes the impact that an understanding of the principles of building construction has on firefighting strategy. Written by an author with extensive knowledge and experience in both the fire service and construction industries, it explains building materials and processes that are involved in the construction of structures and provides students with the knowledge required to operate safely and effectively within residential or commercial buildings. Discussions of actual incidents experienced by the author and case studies containing critical thinking questions give students a better understanding of what to expect in the field. Hallmark Features:

  • Key Terms. A key terms list appears at the beginning of each chapter and key terms are defined in the margins when first introduced. Full definitions are provided in the comprehensive glossary.
  • Firefighter Safety. Important life-saving points are highlighted within each chapter, calling attention to situations or conditions that could severely impact firefighters.
  • Firehouse Discussion and Think About It. Present a synopsis of fires where the building had a significant impact on the fatalities. Some of these involve civilians only while others involve the deaths of firefighters.
  • The School of Hard Knocks feature includes real-world incidents experienced by the author. This is a “lessons learned” feature that allows you to learn best practices and avoid future mistakes.
  • On Scene case studies with critical thinking questions in each chapter are designed to reinforce key chapter concepts.
  • First Response. Concise tactical and strategic considerations for various occupancies encountered by firefighters.
  • Review Questions appear at the end of each chapter, prompting you to test yourself on what has been presented.
  • Suggested Readings are listed at the end of each chapter, providing you with additional resources for further knowledge.

Information to assist Incident Commanders in formulating strategies and tactics–to combat fires or other incidents while keeping their forces safer.

  • Detailed descriptions of critical building materials.
  • Examination of collapse indicators of fire resistive, Type I and noncombustible, Type II construction. Collapse potentials for Types III, IV, and V are also discussed.
  • Size-up from a perspective of potential structural failure and collapse.
  • New aspects of command of structural collapse.
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