EMS Skills Series


Product Information

Action Training Systems' EMS Skills Series contains 9 titles with over 3 hours of skills demonstrations, covering over
160 skills. The skills are intended to be an additional tool that is used as part of an EMS training program. It is a
resource that will provide consistent and uniform demonstrations. The skills can be integrated into initial training
or be used as an additional resource for continuing education.

Narration over each demonstration highlights the important steps in performing the skill. Instructors can utilize
each of these skills with confidence knowing that they have been meticulously reviewed and approved by subject
experts and reflect the most current instructional guidelines.

The skills and techniques presented in this product are based on guidelines from the National Registry of
Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), as well as the National EMS Scope of Practice Model, and the National
EMS Education Standards (NEMSES).

These skills should be considered an adjunct to enhance learning and comprehension in the classroom. Instructors
should always preview the skills prior to use in class to ensure that they align with their agency, state or provincial

*Some skills presented may be outside of a responder’s scope of practice. Individual state or provincial offices determine the
scope of practice of state-licensed EMS personnel within its jurisdiction. EMS providers should always follow their protocols.

The 9 Titles are: 
1. Vital Signs & Monitoring Devices 16:56
2. Patient Assessment 26:09
3. Airway Skills 24:38
4. Hemmorrhage Control & Soft Tissue Injuries 23:21
5. Spl inting 25:15
6. Lifting & Moving 16:22
7. Immobilization 17:04
8. Medications & Routes of Delivery 25:48
9. Cardiac Management 22:16

$2,060.45 (Including 0% tax) each